Miyama Town is located in the center of Kyoto Prefecture, about 50 kilometers from Kyoto's city center.  Here in Miyama, the authentic traditional landscape and lifestyle of Japan still remains.  Since ancient period, the paths from Wakasa Bay on the Japan Sea costline to the old capital of Kyoto are known as the mackerel road or "saba kaido" which run through the hills across the region surrounding the Miyama area.  For many centuries, this saba kaido was one of the main links connecting the valleys of Miyama to the rest of Japan. That is a part of reasons that various historic traditions remain in the region.  Needless to say, Miyama is one of the most suitable destination for visitors who are keen to know Japanese culture in depth.  So, many visitors may wish to meet with local people and experience lifestyle of authentic rural old Japan.

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Best Seasons:All year round

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