The people of Miyama have lived in harmony with nature and its abundant blessings for more than 1,000 years.
Today, approximately 3,500 residents in Miyama continue to protect this beautiful landscape in their daily lives.
The region’s landscape is symbolized by “kayabuki (or thatching)” and “satoyama (*)” culture which had been passed down for generations from ancient period in this region.

(*) “satoyama” is known as traditional countryside landscape in Japan where the environment and landscape are maintained through human interventions.

People in Miyama proudly share their sustainable lifestyle with travelers through providing locally produced foods, traditional lifestyle accommodations as well as various experiences of sustainable living.

We believe that all travelers and local residents alike are responsible to protect the beautiful satoyama landscape and its sustainable lifestyle, and to pass on to the next generation.

Therefore, we also expect travelers visiting Miyama to act responsibly and respect the rich nature, local residents and traditional culture of Miyama.

Please enjoy a new travel style, “sustainable tourism” in Miyama to preserve cultures and traditions, celebrate diversity, provide opportunities and safeguard biodiversity for passing on sustainable society to next generations.

Together with partner business entities listed in this site, we are working on the following for sustainable tourism:

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Promoting Local Employment

We create the environment where people live and work in Miyama.

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Contributing Local Economy

Proactively using facilities run by local residents and locally produced foods for local economy promotion.

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Practicing Ecotourism

In Miyama, an overall ecotourism concept was approved in 2014. Since then, the community as a whole has been implementing eco-tourism initiatives.

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Using Local Ingredients

Proactively using locally produced food ingredients.

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Promoting Renewable Energy

Taking advantage of the abundant nature, proactively promoting renewable energy such as wood-burning stoves and hydro-power electric generation.

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Passing On Traditional Culture To Next Generation

Providing various traditional culture experiences


Our Partner Companies Working On Sustainable Tourism In Miyama

What travelers can do to preserve the Japan’s authentic landscape for the future

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Caring About Locals’ Life

Be respectful of the local people’s life. Please refrain from taking pictures without permission, entering private area, or talking loudly.

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Using Local Shops

Enjoy lunch or café time at local restaurants, rather than bringing your own lunch

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Respecting Abundant Nature

No harm to flora and fauna and taking your trash with you. Joining local guided tours or nature study events are also recommended.

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Enjoying Local Ingredients

Be thankful to foods using ingredients raised by locals in Miyama.

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Selecting Accommodations Taking Sustainable Initiatives

Stay at the accommodation respecting the environment, culture, and local community.

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Using Public Transportation

Proactively use public transportation such as Nantan City Bus or Kyoto ⇔ Miyama Direct Bus.


Our partner companies listed on this page are proactively engaged in environmentally friendly initiatives.

Using renewable energy
Traditional house accommodations
Offering Eco tours
Accommodations promoting to stop offering linens and towels for the guests staying more than one night
Employing local residents
Rice served is 100% grown in Miyama
Chicken served is 100% Miyama’s local chicken
Gibier served is 100% hunted in Miyama
Accommodating various meal requests
No petroleum-based detergent used

UNWTO Best Tourism Village

Miyama Is A Member Of UNWTO Best Tourism Village Network

The “Best Tourism Village” is an initiative to find communities that implement innovative and novel tourism projects in their region in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in order to preserve the traditions and heritage of the local community and to seek best practices from the region that leverage the strengths of tourism.

The application requirements for this initiative include: 1. a population of the region is 15,000 or less; 2. activities such as agriculture, forestry, livestock breeding, fishing, etc. in the region; and 3. initiatives that preserve local values and lifestyle.  Miyama region was selected as one of 44 villages recognized as BTV out of 174 applicant regions around the world.

The certification is valid for three years which may be renewed. During the certified period, use of the certification logo is permitted.  With the support by UNWTO, we expect global recognition of sustainable tourism conducted in Miyama region.

As a member of the global sustainable tourism network, Miyama will make further efforts toward sustainable tourism based on ecotourism, which the town has been working on for many years.

◆Best Tourism Village by UNWTO

Miyama,Japan officially recognized as a Best Tourism Villages by UNWTO in 2021.